We are the HoHappyFamily!

HoHappyDad runs the ship.  He is the CGO (Chief Grocery Obtainer) and the Executive Fixer.  He is also the head of the Outdoor Activities Division.

HoHappyMom is the activity coordinator.  She is the Designated Photographer and runs the STEAM Education and Extracurricular Activities Division.  She specializes in getting the kids out of the house in the mornings.

HoHappyMaple is the helper.  He helps out in many household activities, and often times actually useful.  His interests are science and math, Lego, basketball, board games, Pokemon, and Star Wars.

HoHappySunny is the adventurer.  She enjoys thrills and thrives on stage performances. Her interests are dancing, gymnastics, creating crafts for all her friends and family, bicycling, Lego, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, and Star Wars.